Welcome Home

You have Come Here to Connect with That for which you Seek

Are you one who has lost their sense of direction and purpose in LIFE?

Do you ever ask yourself:

Who or What am I?

Why am I here?

What is life about?


The Earth Mother’s intention is to raise up an army of compassionate warriors that will turn the scales of injustice embedded in society through the industrial era of destruction and desolation into the creation of a new yet ancient evolutionary ethos that will establish peace in the Earth as the scales of justice become balanced with the weights of unarmed truth and unconditional love. It is time for the Shambala warriors to hear and heed the call, fully awaken, and demonstrate their sacred duty upon the Earth. .

Emerging from the collective unconscious are those individuals and groups who have integrated the archetypal polarities, shed the illusionary skins of the old myth, and now embody the archetypical images of a new myth. The day is coming; the time is near when more of the world systems will come tumbling down like the Berlin wall did, which dissolves the separations. As a result the multitudes will seek out the authentic beings that have been crucified through the dark night of the soul, but have consequently been resurrected to a new way of being in the world. These “born again” beings abide in the heart, lead with the sword of Truth, and move with the fire of passion through the power of Love. They are the paradigm pioneers, the mystics and shamans that open the door to a new reality, a more integrated and wholesome way of being in and with the world.

Several years ago I began to experience a significant shift in how I perceived this reality called Life. Traversing through a long period in my life that some call the dark night of the soul, the forest called Glen Helen located in Yellow Springs began to beckon me to commune with Her. Suffering from extreme bouts of depression and hopelessness, I went into the forest over and over again where I was able to glimpse a sigh of relief, which no other activity could provide. It was in those moments of communing with nature that I began to realize that She would be my healer, my lover, my strength, and my joy, and that She was indeed the very substance and sustenance of my life. As I reflected on the larger scale of suffering experienced by people throughout our society, I began to sense that the root issue was that humans had become disconnected, dissociated with nature and the natural rhythms of Life.
You too can find your way back home

“When Rooted to the Earth our True Nature Emerges” RA










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